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Internal Control Review

In recent years, the assessment of internal control has become a much higher priority of many calculating togethercompanies. New auditing standards have required a more thorough review and reporting on internal controls and highly publicized fraud cases have strengthened the case for better internal controls.


Our experienced professionals are ready to review and to help you in documenting your internal controls, assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of your company’s internal controls around its operating and accounting procedures to locate any weaknesses / deficiencies to enable you and your company to maximize on company production and profits.


Our processes start with getting to know your organization to help us identify key areas within your companies and the important controls that are relevant to those areas. We will review for segregation of duties for those who have recordkeeping, review, and control over assets and whether these duties may overlap.


We then evaluate the existing controls in place. This typically involves interviews with management and/or staff, site visits and observations of work being performed. We discuss our approach with management prior to commencing.


Upon completion of the Internal Control Review, we issue a report of our findings, as well as recommendations and best practices.