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Financial Due Diligence

magnifierOur financial due diligence process involves checking every aspect of a transaction to make sure the deal represents good value for our clients.

Although our approach to financial due diligence involves an in-depth process of analysis and validation, we’ll always make sure you feel connected to the process, by providing constant feedback that’s both clear and considered. Our financial due diligence revolves around three core processes:

1. Enhance

We enhance what you know about the target business to increase the likelihood of a successful deal.


2. Focus

We focus on your individual requirements rather than providing a standard scope of 


3. Deliver
We deliver reports that provide expert opinion on current risks and future prospects of the target business.

Our focused approach to Due Diligence means that you will have a clear understanding of the key risks and challenges that face your business. Whilst protection cannot be sought on all of these issues, we can advise on the appropriate protection required from both a financial and tax perspective.